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October 22, 2015

St Augustine Lighthouse

By: Jamie

St Augustine Lighthouse

One of the most recognizable and most significant places in St Augustine Fl is the Lighthouse. This prominent fixture on the bay coastline is located on the northern end of Anastasia Island Florida. Constructed in 1874, the current Lighthouse replaced the original lighthouse that fell into the sea in 1880. The original lighthouse was constructed in 1824 by the United States and marked the site of a former tower that the Spanish used during the 18th century. The Spanish tower was built of coquina rock, a remarkably solid sedimentary rock that formed from ancient broken seashells. While the Spanish tower sat on the coastline, researchers and historians believe that the Spanish structure was never used as a lighthouse. Today, the current Lighthouse has a great deal of history and welcomes thousands of visitors each year to its beautiful views and historical museum.

Visit the St. Augustine Lighthouse and enjoy the breathtaking view from atop the 165 foot observation deck. Climb the 219 steps to the top and you will be greatly rewarded with a fantastic view of the Matanzas Bay and the surrounding St Augustine Fla coastline. The includes a visit to the lighthouse and the top if you would like, a tour of the lighthouse keeper's quarters, and access to the lighthouse museum that is filled with tons of maritime artifacs and other relics from the lighthouse's vast past. Tours generally last about an hour. The Lighthouse site closes each night at 6 pm and the last ticket to climb the tower is sold at 5:45pm. During inclement weather the Lighthouse closes, so be sure to call the observation deck at 904-829-0745 to check to see if this St Augustine Attraction is open.

In addition to regular Lighthouse tours, the lighthouse hosts a night tour that showcases the lighthouse's paranormal history. The Dark of the Moon Tour leads visitors on a tour of the lighthouse through stories of past haunting. Some that are familiar with the lighthouse and its history believe it may be haunted. Many former and current employees and visitors have seen moving shadows, heard voices and other unexplainable sounds, and actually seen ghostly figures inside the lighthouse and its quarters. These and other events led to The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS as they are known) to shoot an episode of their famed Sci-Fi show, Ghost Hunters, at the site. During the episode, TAPS allegedly documented several mysterious incidents and was so struck by the site that they returned to film a follow up episode in a later season. Take a special tour of the St Augustine Lighthouse and enjoy a Dark Side of the Moon tour and get the facts on what really happened here at the lighthouse centuries ago. Watch a video clip here of that episode here.

Photo courtesy of Matt Ferrell by way of St Augustine Light House Facebook

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