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October 18, 2015

The Breed by Owl Goingback

By: Jamie Narehood

The Breed by Owl Goingback

SPECIAL NOTE: Regularly open to visitors only on the third Saturday of each month, the containment chain on the Tolomato Cemetery gate will be unlocked on Saturday, September 5, 2015,  from 12-3:00 pm so that Labor Day visitors and 450th enthusiasts can experience this important part of our history. Be sure to read Breed before you visit; it will "enhance" your cemetery experience!

What other-world experience bonds three Wiccans from Cassadaga, a St Augustine detective, a Harry's Seafood waitress, a St Augustine tour guide, Chief Tolomato, and the St Francis Inn?

Strange happenings are not unusual in St Augustine FL, but something is amuck . . . something more than usual.  An ancient evil has been awakened; it has broken free from Tolomato Cemetery and is intent on stalking, destroying, and breeding. The evil, referred to as a Shiru, is a mythical being familiar to Native American lore.

“Few people knew that the Old Drugstore, and its adjacent parking lot, was built over the top of an Indian burial ground”.

The legend says that Shiru once roamed the earth attempting to mate with the women of the local Indian tribes in an effort to breed, but the Indians recognized the danger, hunted them down and destroyed their line.

Friendly spirit Lilly, known to make frequent appearances at the St Francis Inn, possesses expert knowledge about the Shiru, stating "I know of the monster that has been called into this world, the thing you call the Shiru. I too have seen it. The three women who set the beast free were very foolish. They played with magic they did not understand ... There is a library in the church that contains many books. Among the books, you will find a journal written by a Spanish monk named Father Sebastian Diaz. It is a small book, bound in green leather. The pages are yellow and brittle, but the words can still be read."

The now-free-from-the-spirit-world Shiru is determined to take revenge on the human race and to breed with a strong woman of ancient blood. Unbeknownst to her, local tour-guide and half Cherokee Ssabra Onih is the Shiru's target. Fortunately for her, and the rest of St Augustine, the spirit of Chief Tolomato comes to guide her and enlist her help in sending the Shiru back to the underworld.

Will they succeed? Purchase your copy of Breed by Owl Goingback on Amazon!

NOTE ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Owl Goingback won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel (Crota) and was one of four finalists in the Best Novel category. His novel Darker Than Night was also a Stoker Nominee for best novel of the year. The Bram Stoker Awards are given annually by the Horror Writers Association, and are considered the highest honor a writer can receive in the horror genre. Both books draw upon his Native American heritage to tell a story of supernatural suspense, as do his other novels Evil Whispers and Shaman Moon.

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